Leslie now lives in San Antonio, Texas among cacti and jackrabbits…I still have yet to see a tumble weed though (mildly disappointed). I am car-less at the moment which is really great for production! So happy eyes

Leslie Hinton has lived in Marshall, North Carolina and had a studio on the Island of Blannassett amid the French Broad River.  The island can only be accessed by walking on the backs of old ladies wrapped in quilts.  Prior to this Leslie lived in Columbia, South Carolina where she had huge dreams and aspirations of creating sculptures that would somehow cure global hunger and solve all war starting conflicts—yet alas her studio itself looked like and felt like a war zone.  With strewn unidentifiable appendages here and there, and raging human hands building a fictitious….to be continued ( I think I’ve been on the computer too long)…does anyone read this stuff anyways?

She can be contacted at chawbee123@gmail.com or (423)612-2770

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