One thought on “a couple new clay babies….and panels commissioned for North Carolina Arts Council Meeting (took place in Marshall, NC this year)

  1. I was honored to be asked to create forty small panels for the upcoming meeting of the North Carolina Arts Council. This was all happening on November 17th in the Marshall High School auditorium ( this is also the building where I have studio space). The meeting was a complete success!!! I met several of the committee board members—and received a lot of positive feedback.
    I’ve also been building upon the pieces that are in the ‘Interpreting the Cup’ show at the Crimson Laurel Gallery, Bakersville, NC. Everything has sold…the show is up for two months…this gives me time to make more….what an opportunity. This is a wonderful venue, I attended the opening and was pleasantly surprised by the wide range of styles and the strong skill level presented in this exhibition—feel a renewed sense of energy and inspiration.

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