‘World of the Mayan” by Victor W. Von Hagen.

Pottery was woman. All we see of the remains of the Maya ceramic art was done by women.  It is a fact that should be stressed…

…Throughout the Amazon, pottery was woman’s task. Women were potters, so far as we know, in ancient Peru. Early Greek and early Egyptian pottery was also woman-made until the introduction of the wheel.  Sir Lindsay Scott (well known archaeologist) is “certain” that it was only after the introduction of the wheel that pottery became—as the drawings on the walls of Thebes show— exclusively masculine.  This suggests that all the superbly beautiful patterns found on pottery as well as weaving were conceived by woman.  Perhaps then, Art is woman.  pg. 80

The wheel brought, as in the Greek vase, repetitive forms.  Maya potters achieved greater individuality in the work because of a lack of mechanical devices.  pg. 79

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