Holy Smokes

Howdy from San Antone.  In attempts to step up my blog makin’ game, I have decided to open up a bit more to everyone out there in cyber space.  In this unprecedented event I will reveal the wonders of my yard.  We moved to the lone star state in July (of course the hottest part of the year).  The house we chose was built in the 1950’s. The previous owner’s son was a landscape artist.  Before the journey out West I was under the impression that I was going to be tripping over tumble weeds and getting mouthfuls of sand every time I left the house.  It is quite the opposite. The flora here is lush and brightly hued.  The next couple of pictures are flowers that have all taken up residence in our yard.  They greet me in the morning while I wander the premises sipping coffee.  ‘Why do I tell you this?’ you might ask yourself-because my work has changed drastically because of these gracious little plants.  You’ll see

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