It’s a time machine, no it’s a space ship, no it’s R2D2…wait…its Leslie’s beautiful kiln!!!

It's a time machine, no  it's  a space ship, no it's R2D2...wait...its Leslie's beautiful kiln!!!

Here is a glimpse into a world of clay and creation—I wanted to post a series of pics start to finish of the glazing process. Here you see the kiln cooling down. It was fired two nights ago and this morning I peaked inside. I will show you the technique I use to make my functional ware along with my sculpture. It might be something you would like to use in your own ceramic work—or just plain curious about what’s coming out of this pretty little fire box. If you have any questions about anything on this blog feel free to contact me—I would be happy to go more in depth in the process, and hope to reveal more secrets I’ve got up my sleeve.

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