detail of lower portion of ‘Chubster’

detail of lower portion of 'Chubster'

this photo shows the smiley flowers at the bottom of the piece along with some of the items Chubster clings to like his/her/its life depended upon them…(and it does). The six items it possession are as follow: a cowboy boot, a bunny’s head, a severed leg, a smiley hand picked flower, a honey bear bottle, and an ice cream cone (actually it’s gelato not ice cream). Ask him/her/it to share and he/she/it will laugh at you. You see Chubster is a bit greedy—it takes a lot for his little wings to carry his oversized body from point A to point B. I received a microscope for my birthday several years ago—ever since my work hasn’t been the same. An unknown universe revealed itself to me. Most of my specimens consisted of bugs—there was so much information in this tiny space it was overwhelming.

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