current state of the Studio

current state of the Studio

it has been a couple weeks since I last used my screen printing kit. I am going to make a couple of tshirts and maybe a bag or two. They will be available on etsy soon. It has been several weeks since I last posted anything. my goal was to have a new post every couple days. Not quite sure what my problem is. I even signed up on wordpress to get weekly reminders that it is time to make a post—-jeez—-how am I ever gonna take over the world at this rate. I need to be less shy and more of a cape wearing, chin up, shoulders back kinda lady. I wish I was more of a voyeur with heaps of self confidence. I’m working on it—too bad I can’t build dignity out of clay.

2 thoughts on “current state of the Studio

    1. Yes we do need a go-getter agent (who is also good at building websites!). I adore my mama too-I am so fortunate to have her in my life. I hope that we will meet sometime in the future. Sounds like Vicki is going to be spending future winters in Arizona.

      I love your work by the way


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