Collaborative work with Carolina Quiroga Stultz

I have had the privilege and honor of getting to know and also watch the performances of the Colombian born professional storyteller Carolina Quiroga Stultz.  She has an interest in stories originating from Latin America—and uses her craft to educate and shed light upon the richness of culture in this region.  In the fall we are going to be exhibiting a collaborative project at several venues in San Antonio.  It will take place around the date of Dia dos los muertos  October 31- November 2(day of the dead) and thematically  the stories and sculptures will be used to honor this celebration. I highly recommend checking out her website and youtube channel, you can listen while you’re working in the studio!—-it isn’t the same as seeing her live, but it’s the second best thing! Come to San Antonio and watch it in real time!!!

stay posted for progress on this project

The pictures I am posting are works in progress, these two sculptures are 85% finished, hopefully to be completed within the next couple of weeks.  Neither Carolina or I have ever collaborated on a project quite like this before, so we’ll see what happens.  The ultimate intention for us is to learn from this experience, grow as artists, and communicate with our community.

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